Spider Cube Bluetooth Speaker Review

Spider Cube Speaker-4 The Spider Cube Bluetooth Speakers are impressive; for its form factor size and audio output. I have to commend Spider products for a stellar job at  creating a small yet effective piece of able top audio that continues in the footsteps of their headphone line. The Spider Cube speakers work with either Bluetooth or via a line-in cable to give you some very rich sound. Though you are only getting 10w of power from them, you still get a very rich audio sound that isn’t distorted at its highest levels and is till very good at picking up vocals in a clear and distinct manner. As you shall see in our video review below.

The Cube speakers also have the capability of answer calls; which I will say is not its best feature but does work adequately  to meet you needs. in terms of listening audio is where they truly shine, priced at $69.99 and available at Spider’s website. I have to call the Cube Bluetooth speakers a definite buy and one I would recommend, cause it affordable and sounds great.