Speck FabShell Galaxy SIII Case Review

20120629_165902[ad#ad-1]You just got a your brand new Galaxy SIII, now its time to give your device  a fresh, fashionable look  while keeping it protected with this one-piece fabric-backed case.  The Speck FabShell  Galaxy SIII case is a reinforced construction includes a hard plastic shell and a protective raised bezel. A hard back shell offers plenty of protection against bumps and drops, while rubberized button covers and a raised rubber bezel provide shock absorption and screen protection. FabShell is designed to let you show off your style: choose from three bright, colorful patterns to make a fashion statement while protecting your phone. In general the case and form factor is very simple, but Speck has done a solid job here in crafting a sturdy and reliable case for the Samsung Galaxy SIII, that has some sense of fashion and style to overall protection

  • Form-fitting one piece construction combines the flexibility of a skin and the durability of a hard-shell
  • Unique styles and authentic fabrics tailored to fit your personality
  • Reinforced perimeter with shock-absorbent corners

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