Sony Xperia TL Review

Xperia TL-6 The Sony Xperia TL aka the Bond phone  is a  clean and slick device from Sony, it sports a 4.6inch 720p HD Reality display powered by Mobile BRAVIA Engine, 13-megapixel rear module capable of “sleep to snap” fast capture and runs a skinned build of Ice Cream Sandwich atop a dual-core 1.5GHz S4 CPU. The design of the Xperia TL, comes with an arc back that allows for the deivce to rest easily in your hands  It also comes loaded up with three of the Japanese outfit’s media apps — Walkman, Movies and Album — a slew of exclusive content (e.g. ringtones, wallpaper, etc.) from the next Bond film, Skyfall, and packs one SmartTag in the box for use with the handset’s NFC chip. The Xperia TL’s 13-megapixel primary camera brings even the smallest of details to life. This high resolution fast capture camera takes quality images swiftly with its quick launch feature, going from standby mode (sleep) to first shot in just 1.5 seconds, making sure life’s unexpected moments are not missed. Plus, both the rear and front-facing cameras deliver HD recording capabilities for vivid video capture on the go.

When you grab the Xperia TL for the first time, The device feels solid and stylish, with all the buttons on one side ( Power, camera, volume). The Reality display comes to life with a clear vivid expression. Sony kept its UI overlay to a bear minimum, making it feel like a clear addition that improves the Android experience rather than providing a cluttered interface for users. The 13MP camera records well at 1080p or 720p as seen in the video review above, but it take decent not spectacular stills as you would expect from Sony’s camera pedigree.The addition of the Walkman app is a big step-up from the stock Android music player, plus the LiveWare Manager app, helps you set app to activity you use your phone with like using Headphones, Charger & Smartwatch. Overall I think Sony has don a great job with the Sony Xperia TL and has find set its foot down in the Android Market place. At its current price of $49.99 with a Two contract on AT&T. It is an offer you simply can’t pass up for such a quality hardware.