Sony Xperia Ion- Worth the wait???

IMG_0152[ad#ad-1]Introducing the Sony Xperia Ion. The pros definitely out-way the cons on this sleek device, but I do need to review a few pet peeves. This is running on the Android Gingerbread, but soon to be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. The Bravia 4.6″, 1280 x 720 LCD is very pleasing to they eye. It has 16gb of internal storage, expandable of up to 32gb. Its dimensions are 5.2×2.7x.4 inches, and weighs 5.1oz. with scratch resistant glass front, and curved metal in the rear. it has 1.5GHz Qualcomm S3 dual core processor. I got very good battery life and sound quality.

The camera is 12mp rear facing with flash, and 1.3mp front facing. The video is 1080p HD. I tested the 3D panoramic picture feature, and found it to be very easy. The flash is not great indoors. In a darker lounge setting, the flash worked very well. At a low-light baby shower that I went to, half of the pictures had a yellow tinge to them.

It comes with a simple layout of applications preloaded, including streaming Netflix, PlayStation certified, but I like Timescape, which is Sony’s version of the social media feed, including Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, LinkedIn, and various add-ons. It is very easy to set up, and visually pleasing, with cascading windows showing recent updates, as well as social media icons to toggle through at the bottom.

The cover to the charging port is a bit of an annoyance. You need to use your thumbnail to open it, and even with my average nails, I was struggling with it a couple of times (not wanting to break it). Then the last two times I tried closing it, it wouldn’t close completely

I have seen a few reviews, one mentioning excellent data speed on AT&T, but this was not my experience. Multiple times within the last couple of days I had network issues. All of my other devices had service (will not name cellular provider), but this did not. So I gave it a few minutes and also checked settings but to no avail. After a restart each time, it then recognized the network.

Overall I would still recommend this sleek new device, but just keep an eye out for the above.

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Sony Xperia Ion


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