Sony “Lens Camera” accessory leaked with Hardware Details

lens-cameras Rumors have been swirling around about Sony creating a camera attachment that will upgrade your smartphone from a regular device up to a DSLR of sort. We finally ave pics as well as some leaked manual description of the two models that Sony hope will change the whole mobile photography space.

There will be at least two of these camera accessories, Sony’s models DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100. The former would have an 18-megapixel 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor, while the latter would get a big 20.2-megapixel one-inch component. Both would have internal batteries, and support SD cards for storage, but all camera controls would be done wireless through smartphone software. Apps supporting the lens-cameras are expected to be available for both iPhone and Android.

According to the manual leaks, these bad boys are heavy. The smaller DSC-QX10 should have a mass of 105 grams, with the DSC-QX100 coming it at 179 grams. Keep in mind, an entire Xperia Z smartphone is only 146 grams

Key: 1) Power Button 2) Microphone 3) Display Panel 4) Hook for belt
5) Tripod 6) Ring Control (DSC-QX100) 7) Power / charge / movie
8) Zoom lever 9) Shutter button 10) Multifunctional jack 11) RESET button