Solowheel electric Unicycle hands-on @ CES 2012

The SoloWheel is a  self balancing single wheel-drive unicycle that doesn’t have a sear and is akin to the Segway but different in its own right. The Solowheel does not have an handle bars and full relies on you legs and calm muscles as you tilt forward and back to accelerate and decelerate or stop. This all electric  unicycle takes about 2 hours to charge via your walk socket, has a maximum load capacity of 250lbs , top speed of 10 mph  and a range of 15-20 miles dependent on the rider. The Solowheel retails for $1,795.00 via We managed to get a test ride on this unique machine, actually SnatchHatch did most of the test driving. Enjoy and see if he falls off the Solowheel.


  •  Style: single-wheel-drive, electric, self balancing unicycle.
     Max load: 250 lbs.
     Tire size: 16″x 2.125″.
     Brakes: 1000W regenerative braking via the hub motor.
     Speed: 10 mph maximum.
     Range: About 15 – 20 miles (depending on the terrain and the rider’s weight).
     Max. Incline Capability: 20%.
     Battery Life: Over 1000 cycles.
     Battery: Non-replaceable high quality LiFePO4 lithium-ion
     Full Charge Time: About 2 hours.
     Charger: Custom international 2A charger; 100 to 240VAC.


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