Solace iPhone 6 Case by Element Case


If you checked out our Sector Pro case review, you already know what to expect from Element Case at this point. “Costly, but worth every penny” should be their new slogan. The Solace case for the iPhone 6 cuts down on price to add a little more affordability to the high-class quality of Element Cases. One of the issues I mentioned in the SP case review was the inability to really customize your iPhone once the case was screwed on. The Solace case changes that with an online mixture of color schemes that can really express how a person views their own creativity.

Continuing with that theme, Element Case now allows you to remove the case with ease. Installation and extraction are as simple as pulling and pressing the top ends of the case. Check the video review for a better visual representation of this. The materials used for this case have been downsized for this case (no carbon fiber, machined aluminum frame, etc.) but they are still put together in a way that still separates the case from the majority of wacky and generic competition in the market.

There is still a level of durability with this case due to the incorporated impact resistance, but let’s be real; the word case and impact resistance should be synonymous with each other. The Solace case is for the buyer that loves to showcase what they bought. The Solace case focuses more on minimalistic and simplified design to grab the attention of the buyer. Element Case provided us with the white and gold model and it is a looker. Unfortunately, I made the decision to use the more expensive Sector Pro before trying the Solace case and my appetite was not quenched. However, anyone coming from a sub $80 case to the Solace will be content with their purchase.

I don’t believe the case warrants the $99 price tag. It’s more of Element Case flaunting their name, then combining the necessary elements to justify that price tag. But it is undoubtedly a good case and one that should at least be looked at before jumping up in the price range.