Sol Republic Master Tracks Unboxing

Sol Republic Master Tracks-7  Master Tracks also offer a nearly indestructible, interchangeable headband as well as interchangeable cables. Unique to the Master Tracks are the new X3 Sound Engines, delivering an immersive music experience balanced with powerful bass, clear highs and vocal accuracy. The over-ear design and articulating ear cushions provide a comfortable fit and noise isolation for hours on end. To provide that rich, deep and powerful sound, Master Tracks feature SOL REPUBLIC’s new X3 Sound Engine, delivering super-deep bass that stays amazingly tight with smooth, controlled highs. But the true beauty lies in the X3’s mid range. Mids is where voice lives and because most people know what it’s supposed to sound like, many manufacturers tune it if they cannot reproduce it accurately. Master Tracks X3 Sound Engines deliver mid range vocals so clearly, that we showcase it instead of hiding it. You can pick one up at for $199.99 who were gracious to send us the Master Tracks.  Also you can use a special promo code: booredatwork to get 10% of $100 store-wide at