Skullcandy SLYR Headet Review

Skullcandy SLYR-21 Gaming headphones are a dime a dozen, but Skullcandy has entered the fray with the SLYR gaming headphones. I for one didn’t initial consider Skullcandy to be a mover or shaker in the gaming audio department. But from all I have used and experienced, I am glad they proved me wrong. The Skullcandy SLYR is a light weight simply deigned headset that packs a multi-platform bases with uses on the Xbox360, PS3, PC, Smartphones andMP3 players.  Making it a very versatile headphones.  Design-wise the SLYR comes with a GMX IN-MIXER for control of your individual audio settings for game audio and voice; EQ3 to adjust custom sound equalization settings for games, music and movies.

When it comes to sound they SkullCandy SLYR does not disappoint, you get very clean and crisp sound. The ability to adjust game and voice volumes give you that simple and clear ability to tailor your gameplay. The sound reproduction out of the headset is awesome. Using them as headphones to listen to music, you get a rich level of base with the headphones. Solid mids and highs, you get very good sound reproduction. the main beauty about the headphones is really not on its sound quality, or the fact you can use it with you Xbox360, PS3, PC or Smartphone. But the combination of all its functions as well as price. Skullcandy has packed this awesome audio bundle at a very consumer attractive price @ $79.95.  Giving you a well package headset that not only covers your gaming needs on any console, but also gives you a well-balanced sound with rich audio that you come to expect from Skullcandy