Sharp Aquos Crystal Review: Gorgeous!!!


Ridding smartphones of their bezels has been the life time dreams of most tech enthusiasts, and as these devices become more and more advanced, the bezels has seen it’s fair share of reduction. However, completely ridding a display of bezel has yet to be accomplished, until now. The Sharp Aquos Crystal not only separates itself from the general crowd of ever-growing smart phones, it does it in an absurdly affordable package.

First off, the Crystal is a gorgeous device, almost Sci-Fi like with the bezel less tech contributing much to it. Coming in with a 5 inch display 720pHD resolution, 8 megapixel camera, Quad-core processor, and 2040 mah (non-removable) battery pack, the mid-tier spec line has definitely jumped in quality. You could argue that about a year and some change ago, these specs would be flagship like, which is a great thing for the consumer. Moving along, the front of the display has no earpiece has Sharp has opted to incorporate a screen vibration tech using the entire front of the display as an earpiece. Again, Sharp is outdoing themselves with the added tech and quality for this device. The front facing camera is located on bottom of the display, rather than the traditional top as Sharp had to move the screen tech around to accommodate for the new display. Overall I found no issues with this method of taking pictures.

Software wise the Crystal is running a stock version of Android 4.4.2 that runs smoothly on the Snapdragon 400 Quad-core processor. You’d be hard pressed to bicker about the user experience as throughout my time with the device there were very few incidents of the device slowing down at a rate that was blatantly obvious. This coincides with the battery life that gave me a day plus on one charge. The 8 megapixel camera on the device produces some average photos, but the beauty doesn’t lay in it’s quality, but the experience. Experiencing any kind of media on the Crystal is joyous and refreshing. Seeing all of the video or all of a photo without the hinderance of bezel really takes your breath away, and I hope it’s something flagship devices take advantage of in the future. All of this comes wrapped up in a metal band surrounding the device. If you ever get your hands on a 2nd generation Moto X, it feels eerily similar to that device. Which speaks volumes about the quality control Sharp invested into this device.
Price. You wouldn’t think it, but the Sharp Aquos Crystal is priced to the point in which not buying it would be criminal. Coming on both Boost Mobile and Sprint, $150.00 off-contract for BM & $0 on 2 year agreement for Sprint is a steal. The combination of power, price, quality, and uniqueness is undeniable with the Aquos Crystal. So much so that I’m personally thinking about purchasing one for nostalgic purposes because it’s my belief all flagship smartphone will eventually adopt Sharp’s take on bezel less displays. Definitely a must buy for anyone on the perspective carriers.