Sennheiser U320 Multi-Platform Gaming Headset Review- Versatile

Sennheiser U320 (6) The U320 has Sennheiser’s trademark superb sound, these multi-platform gaming headset work on all major gaming platforms: PC, MAC, Xbox 360 and PS3. You get two volume controls — one for the game audio, one for other players — and a super-clear microphone to take your gaming communication to a new level. Plus, a punchy bass boost makes those roaring engines, car crashes and explosions even more realistic. Sennheiser CircleFlex technology ensures the ear pads adjust automatically to your head. Mute the mic by raising the boom. There are a couple of features that really stand out with the Sennheiser U320, first of the audio quality is amazing off the headset. Sounds come out crisp and clear, the dual chat and game channels also for full control of your gaming experience. Giving you the ability to adjust sound volumes for in game audio as well as chat.

The Mic on the Sennhesier U320 also provides great audio fidelity as you will hear in the second half of the review. User will come off clear and crisp on the other end with clear audible features. But truly the multiplatform component of the U320 and its ability to work for both gaming consoles Xbox 360 & PS3; as well as PC and Mac. So if you you are multi-platform gamer and looking to save cost on a solid gaming headset. Then you need to pic up the Sennhesier U320 which retails for $169.


Wearing style  Headband
Cable length  4 m
Connector  2.5mm to Xbox® controller, 2 x RCA to TV/console, USB for PS3®and PC audio
Weight  284 g
Impedance  32 Ω
Sound pressure level (SPL)  113 dB
Pick-up pattern  Uni-directional
Sensitivity  -38 dBV/Pa
Supply Scope
U 320 headset
1 x Game audio cable
1x Chat audio cable
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