Sennheiser G4me One PC Headset Review

Sennheiser G4me One-8 Sennheiser is no slouch when it comes to the build quality of their audio devices, they consistently provide a solid audio experience no matter the device you pair their headphones with. The G4me One is not different.

Right off the jump, what you notice most about the G4ME One headset is the attention grabbing pearl white color scheme, an obvious lack of macro buttons, and a solid build quality. But don’t be deceived, this innocent looking device packs the experience of Sennheiser behind it, and it delivers an unforgettable audio experience. Did I mention that the sound on this headset is amazing?

The build quality of the device does not take a back seat to the audio performance. If you, like myself, consider solid audio quality a given when speaking of Sennheiser products, you will be doubly pleased to know that the G4ME One is a device that is extremely comfortable to use over an extended duration. The velvet ear cone padding, allows for enough air to circulate and prevent you from having that clammy sweaty feeling you might have experienced with other devices. The overhead padding, also velvet, is quite comfortable as well. The design of the articulating microphone arm feels solid and has not loosened after several uses.

Now the most controversial part of this device. As mentioned above, there is a decided lack of macro buttons on this device, so much so that the only controls you will find on it is the volume scroll wheel on the right ear of this headset. You wouldn’t find a mute button on this device, to mute you simply move the mic vertically, away from your mouth. This particular design decision might not seat well with gamers / games that are heavily reliant on software like TeamSpeak or Ventrilo, and macro buttons to control audio during coop play. While this might be a negative for some, it is quite clear that this device was designed to look great, and it does so in flying colors.

At a price point of $249.95 USD, you must ask yourself if this device is the best gaming headset for your particular needs. If your answer is “Yes” then you can’t do much better that the G4ME One from Sennheiser.