Season 4 – Banshee Blu-Ray– Review

Let me start by saying I am a fan of the series “Banshee”.  Seasons 1 – 3 had me binge watching three or four of the 50+ minutes long episodes at a time.  Thus, when Season 4 was available online via the Cinemax Go website, I had to binge watch.  Going into this final season I knew unresolved issues (Lucas rescuing Job and defeating Proctor) would be taken care of and I was excited to see how this would unfold. A brief overview of Season 4 is: In Banshee, several years after Job is abducted, a string of similar murders where young girl’s hearts are ripped out of their chest and then left at the side of the road becomes a top priority concern when Rebecca Bowman is the third victim in the grotesque killings. Lucas comes out of hiding to investigate her death along with the help of an FBI Agent Veronica. Brock Lotus is now the Sheriff and Proctor is the new Mayor of Banshee. The hunt for Job continues from the Season 3 finale (via  By the fourth episode I could see the writers just wanted the show to end, and just as things played out with the final season of “Strike Back”, they just started killing off characters.  While Proctor is defeated and Job is rescued – by the time the credits on the final episode roll the city of Banshee is not any better off than when Lucas arrived.  I do not need a happily ever after ending, but this was brutal.  This was frustrating for me because the last season had so much potential for character development and storyline.  Hopefully at some point a spin-off series is green lit for either Mrs. Hopewell, Lucas, or Job’s character post Banshee.  My overall review of Season 4 is: three stars – it wasn’t awful, but it could have been much better.  If you have already watched Seasons 1 – 3 then I recommend watching Season 4 just for closure.  You can pick up your copy here of banshee Season 4 right here