Samsung Smart Watch: Galaxy Gear Specs

gear-mockup Rumors have been around for months that Samsung will be realize that own smart watch. That shouldn’t be a surprise since that seems to be the next avenue, with Microsoft, Apple & even Google are all rumored to be launching their own devices.  Samsung’s Smart Watch according to the rumors will be called Galaxy Gear. But what is interesting are the rumored specs for the Galaxy gear, will  supposedly running an Exynos 4212 dual-core chip at 1.5GHz. We could also find a gigabyte of RAM, support for Bluetooth and NFC, and a two-megapixel camera (no word on front-facing or edge-mounted). As for the display, this source describes it as a 1.67-inch 320 x 320 OLED panel. All looking very impressive, we don’t have to long to wait and see, as the galaxy Gear is expected to be showcased at IFA with the Note III