Samsung SC88P Twin Chamber Bagless Vaccum Review

Samsung Twin Chamber Bagless Vaccum-2 Some time ago, we received the Samsung SC88P twin chamber bagless vacuum cleaner.  In full disclosure, it sat around the house during a period of remodeling, but now that the remodeling is nearly complete, we were able to put the vacuum to good use.  So…how did the vacuum cleaner fare?  Well in two words “it sucks!”  Now in vacuum-speak, that’s a good thing.  You see, the vacuum cleaner performed every task we put to it and it surpassed our expectations.  As you can see from the video, vacuuming a 2′ x 2′ portion of the 5′ x 8′ rug removed plenty of dust and debris.  What you didn’t see was the vacuuming of the rest of the rug which took two complete fills of the dust bin.

Lets break the Samsung vacuum cleaner down.  The product is available in three colors: champagne, electric blue, and black.  It basically consists of three major parts: the main body, the hose and pipe, and the power brush.  Beginning with the latter, the power brush has 12A of power and 220W of suction.  It’s 15″ wide so it can hit a wide area in one stroke.  The brush height is adjusted via foot pedal, with settings of 1 to 5, and make sure it clicks otherwise the brush won’t lock into position.  There’s also an overload protector with reset switch in the event the brush becomes obstructed.  The handling of this as well as drive belt replacement is covered on pages 8 & 10 of the English portion of the multi-language manual. When not using the motor brush, you’ve got parquet and dust brushes included in the box.
The pipe is easily adjustable via the length control button.  Give it a slight squeeze and instant pipe adjustment.  Control of the unit is located on the handle as well as the main body.  On the handle, there’s the Main On/Off, Brush On/Off and Suction +/- control features. Right beside this is battery case which holds two AAA batteries (included in with each vacuum.) Assembly of the power brush to the pipe/handle/hose to the main body takes about 10 seconds.  Everything snaps in perfectly and can only connect in one way so the likelihood of error is about zero.
On the main body you have a plethora of features.  On one side, there’s a main power button big enough enough to operate by foot. Opposite to this is the power cord release, again foot adjustable.  In case any of you wonder, the power cord is 23 feet in length, so there’s no need to use an extension cord here.  Below these two buttons are the radio frequency and filter lights.  When the dust pack fills up, the light will illuminate indicating that it’s time to check the dust pack and empty it. In the center of the main body is the removable dust pack.  As you’ve seen a couple of times in the video, removal and maintenance of the dust pack is simple.  Just grab the handle, press the button and out comes the dust pack.  Remove the cover, then the sponge, hold and shake both over a trash barrel to remove debris. Occasionally you’ll need to wash out the sponge and wash in cold water only or wipe down the dust pack.  In our tests, the latter had to be wiped down repeatedly as we had some very dirty rugs.  After washing out the sponge, allow it to dry at least 12 hours in a shade area away from direct sunlight.  On the rear of the unit is the HEPA filter chamber. From the video, you can see that the filter is is a breeze to open, empty and close.  One warning here, do not wash the filter.  You don’t wash the HEPA filter on your car, so don’t wash it here. Replacements are available if need be.
In summary, the Samsung SC88P is not only simple to operate and maintain, it’s also well designed and quite stylish.  The unit has a suggested list price of $369. Just click the Shop button on the Samsung vacuum web page listed below and local stores will appear.  If unavailable, there’s always online.  The unit comes with a 5 years parts and labor warranty.  See for more information.
For any questions, fell free to contact me via Twitter @WrathofCan or @Booredatwork.