Samsung Q10 SwitchGrip Compact Full HD Review


[ad#ad-1]The Samsung Q10, is a light weight dual-handed camcorder that records at 1080p,. What it means is the Q10 allows for both right handed and left handed use with its 180 degree rotation option. The Q10 doesn’t come with internal memory but support SD cards and micro-SD cards.The Q10, with its advanced BSI CMOS technology, sheds new light to your videos. The 1/4″ 5M (1/5.8″ 2.07M effective) Pixel BSI CMOS delivers double the sensitivity of conventional CMOS sensors. By dramatically reducing image noise and distortion, and enhancing recording quality during low light conditions,  The Samsung Q10 has a very simple and easy to use menus structure, that lets you get in and out of the menus and back to recording. The one feature I like is the OIS, which helps eliminate shaky cam syndrome. The Q10 also can charge via USB, So no need to logo around a charger for your camera.