Samsung Offering 4K UHD Content for Curved UHD Purchases

Samsung HU9000 Unboxing -5 If you just picked up a Samsung curved 4K UHD TV like the 65-inch Hu9000 we unboxed about a week ago. Then Samsung has a few 4K goodies for you.

From now until June 30, Samsung is offering a complimentary UHD Video Pack, which is preloaded with five movies and three documentaries, to those customers that purchase Samsung’s flagship HU9000 Curved UHD TV. The UHD Video Pack includes:



  • World War Z
  • X- Men Origins: Wolverine
  • Night at the Museum
  • The Counselor
  • GI Joe: Retaliation


  • The Last Reef
  • Grand Canyon Adventure
  • Cappadocia

Customers, who purchase a HU9000, can redeem their complimentary UHD Video Pack by visiting: