Samsung NX1 Review: Spectacular


The Samsung NX1 is the most beautiful piece of equipment I have ever had the pleasure to shoot video or Still with. From its amazingly ergonomic design to its durable magnesium housing, this mirrorless camera would draw you in with its quality feel.

While beauty might sometime obfuscate the lack of performance, the Samsung NX1 beauty carries through to its performance, delivering features such as 120fps video mode at full 4K (which is actually 6K, downsampled), 15fps at 28MP stills, 1/8000s shutter speed, fast autofocus, OLED view finder, great battery life, and amazing selection of physical controls.

Video Review

While this camera is capable of capturing in multiple video and image resolutions, the camera truly shines when capturing in 4K. The video quality at 4K resolutions is truly impressive and delivers a clean and crisp picture. Low light performance is also a standout feature of the NX1 and playing around with aperture, shutter and ISO settings result in some truly beautiful compositions.

While there is quite a lot to love about the NX1 there are some quirks that you must keep in mind when considering this camera, 4K captured content is saved in a H.265 format which proves somewhat difficult to work with without being encoded into a more pliable format. This however is mostly due to the lack of a clear standard in 4K formats.

Overall, the NX1 delivers a great experience, probably the best experience currently possible on a mirrorless camera, with a price point aimed at the prosumer or semi-professional content creator looking for a versatile, well-built camera.

4K Camera Sample