Samsung Galaxy SIII 1080p Video Sample

20120621_143012[ad#ad-1]The Samsung Galaxy SIII has an 8 megapixel camera with improved optic. this video is meant to show you how well the camera does in recording video at 1080p as well as sample stills taken from the camera. So enjoy the video and way your thoughts on the quality of the Samsung Galaxy SIII 8 megapixel camera



One response to “Samsung Galaxy SIII 1080p Video Sample”

  1. Raks Derival Avatar
    Raks Derival

    Nice!  Great quality in the video and stills.  I’m impressed with how sharp and crisp the images are.  Sound quality is superb as well.  Go S3!  Thanks for the variety of settings where we can see how it works in different light.  

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