Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Review: Smooth Curves


This device has been rumored For quite a bit and its finally here. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is the larger sibling of the S6 Edge that came out earlier this year. A device which I liked a lot, except for the size of display & Battery (for me that is). So the S6 Edge+ comes with a larger 5.7″ QHD Curved display, a larger built’ in 3,000mAh battery, Exynos 7420 processor with 4GB or ram( Yes as much as some PCs). An improved 16MP rear camera with VDIS+OIS, 5MP front facing camera, finger print sensor, Fast wireless charging and fast charging.  It also maintains the lack of MicroSd card slot and removable Battery

Video Review

I have to say, Samsung’s designers should be thoroughly recommend for their new design language. The glass back and metal trimming makes for one very, and I mean very sexy device, the curves on both side of the display give it a light and beautiful look.

But a smartphone is not all about looks. I am happy to say it handles beautifully in every aspect, the increased ram, makes for a much smoother multitasking, the camera has gotten a nice refinement. The battery life gives you a full day of use. Yes 24hrs.  And the edge screen even got a software improvement, though not much ( the addition of edge apps with contact).

I really like the S6 Edge+, it feels sexy, it performs sexy wand it is sexy. Definitely a great smartphone to pick up.