Samsung Galaxy S6: 6 Things to Know


The Samsung Galaxy S6 will be announced by Samsung come March 1st at its press event at MWC 2015 in Barcelona. Today I give you 6 things you should know about the device

1) Camera & Processor: The Galaxy S6 will definitely have an improved camera over its predecessor the Galaxy S5. Samsung has constantly pushed the boundaries of its camera and we should at least expect a 16MP camera similar to the Note 4 on this device with improved optics and software. Plus Samsung’s first tweet for its event #TheNextGalaxy also focused on the camera.

The Next Galaxy device is said to be running Samsung’s own SoC chipset the Exynos 7420, which is a 14nm chipset and is clocked at 2.1Ghz. Which means its fast and it will run cooler and a 64bit chipset. So we should see some stellar performances from the device.

2) New Design: From the Note 4 and Galaxy Alpha. Samsung has begun tweaking and changing the design look and feel of the Galaxy Series.  We will see this take even bigger steps with the Galaxy S6; which according to Samsung’s latest pre-release ad suggest more metal and a board-less design.

3) Samsung Pay: With it recent purchase of Loop Pay. A mobile payment system that gives mobile payment access to 95% of retailers from Smartphones. Samsung is looking to set up its efforts from its lackluster efforts from last year’s Galaxy S5 launch mobile payments with PayPal.

4) Touchwiz Revamp: Samsung well-known custom OS has served us well but is in dire need of an overhaul. Word is that Samsung is looking to make that major overhaul and that we will see a version of Touchwiz that is close to look and function as stock Android 5.0. This means faster operations and more streamlined functions.

5) Microsoft Apps: Samsung is reported to continue its OS streamline process by dropping a lot of its OS bloatware in favor of Microsoft apps, like Office suite and OneDrive. In favor of its standard issue bloatware. this will be a welcome addition to the software suite on the Galaxy S6 as the Microsoft productivity apps are generally referenced as the best all around.

6) Battery & Wireless Charging: with all indications pointing to a slimmer design with metallic casing. The Samsung Galaxy S6 may have a slightly smaller battery. Samsung is looking to improve battery life with a more streamlined OS; as well as faster charge times like we have on the Note 4 as well as Wireless charging built into the Galaxy S6.

Those are the six thing I believe we shall see in the Galaxy S6. Lucky we only have 7 days to Find out what they are.