Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless charging Kit Review

Galaxy S4 Charging Kit-4 Its finally here, the wireless charging kit for the Galaxy S4. We all initially hoped that the S4 would have Wireless charging built into the device. But that wasn’t the case; instead we have a wireless charging kit, which comes with a Charging Pad and a new back-cover. The Kit retails for $90 online. With the Charging pad retailing for just $49.99. The Charge pad it self is light  but larger; seamingly large enough to fit a Galaxy Note II or Even maybe the Note III (wink, maybe that will have built-in wireless charging). Mean while the back-cover replacement for the SG4 is a little thicker and will cause you to change or toss our all your Cases for the S4. Which is a little annoying, it would have been cool if the S-view case came with built in wireless Charging. In terms of charging; it does a great job at it and its as simple as placing you S4 on the pad and you are good to go. it will also charge other Q1 tech devices such as the Nokia Lumia 920. Overall I like the Wireless Charging Kit from Samsung. Though I still wish it was built-in and not an accessory.