Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera Test- Everything you Need to know

S4 Camera shots -12 Samsung has gone a headed and cranked up the megapixels for the Galaxy S4 camera up to 13 megapixels. The Samsung Galaxy S4 camera is is also packed with a huge set of features in the camera app that feels like a roller deck of features. From Dual shot to- Night, Sports, Panorama,  Eraser, HDR, Animated Photo, Drama, Sound &Shot, Best Face, Beast Photo and Beauty Face. So how does the 13 MP camera and the full stacked camera app perform in our camera test. Lets find out below.

So we loved most of the camera modes on the the SG4 except for the Sound & Shot, because you can’t share the the photo & audio produced by that mode. The 13 megapixel camera handles video recording very well out doors and with flash. While taking sound very solid photos in day light. In low light settings, is where the camera falls short, without flash you might as well close you eyes and see darkness cause that is what it is. Night mode helps a bit, but not much.  Overall the Camera is solid but not great, with great image quality in daylight and excellent app functions and modes.


Dual Shot



Drama Shot

Night Shot


All the Photos