Samsung Galaxy S III Accessories

samsung-galaxy-s3-wi-fi-display-hub-ead-t10udegxeu-p35120[ad#ad-1]The Samsung Galaxy S  III is the next flagship Android 4.0 device from Samsung and as you would expect will have a line of accessories from Samsung. Which are listed as follows:

AllShare Cast Hub

AllShare Cast on GALAXY S III provides a new sharing function. The technology allows content on your GALAXY S III phone screen to be shared with a nearby TV or Projector. AllShare Cast Hub can interoperate with a HDMI-enabled TV or projector via AllShare Cast. You can enjoy mobile games on a large TV screen. Available in luxurious Titian Gray and minimally compact, the Hub goes well with any premium TV.

Flip Cover

Samsung’s original flip cover enhances the overall value of the GALAXY S III with a premium metallic design. A one-piece back cover and sleek design maintain the phone’s slim profile. Other than providing main colors matched with the phone’s design, Samsung will also launch a variety of vivid colors for casual users. A receiver opening on the front cover allows the user to call directly in state of closing the cover easily.


GALAXY S III Desktop Dock

GALAXY S III Desktop Dock has a flippable design which makes it easy for users to carry around. It charges the GALAXY S III and enables you to listen to music through an external powered speaker.

It enhances user convenience through docking with various cases (Flip Cover, Slim Cover) supported by Samsung.

Protective Cover

Samsung’s protective cover is a standard back cover with a light water-resistance function. This 1.3mm slim, flexible TPU case covers the back and sides, while protecting against impacts and falls. With added rubber caps on the ear-jack and micro-USB, it can resist water penetration in bad weather or on wet spots. Four vivid colors will be available for the GALAXY S III Launch.

Slim Cover

A 0.5mm slim cover maintains the GALAXY S III’s slim original design efficiently when attached. It includes two cases with differing colors and patterns so that the user can choose according to taste. It allows full access to the earphone connector and charging port and enables the phone to be docked on the Samsung universal desktop dock without the need to remove the case.

C Pen (Capacitive Stylus pen)

C Pen is a capacitive type stylus pen exclusively optimized for GALAXY S III’s touch screen. It has a fine aluminum body matched to GALAXY S III’s metallic design, and features a thin rubber tip. The 3mm sensitive tip provides precise writing and drawing on the screen. A sleek and smooth finish ensures easy grip and portability.

Premium Audio Dock

Premium Audio Dock is a docking speaker with a visible vacuum tube amplifier. By combining the advantage of analog and digital amplifiers, it provides differentiated high-quality sound and 2.1Ch 100W sound output through a vacuum tube. It supports charging of the GALAXY S III and enables users to listen to music through Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as the GALAXY S III.

Universal Vehicle Dock

The Samsung Vehicle dock has a slim design that will grip most Smartphones with or without a case. It features a strong gear-locking mechanism which securely grips your phone, and full 360 degree rotation is provided for quick portrait to landscape viewing. The Vehicle dock is an ideal solution for hands-free calling or enabling satellite navigation with your phone.

BTC (Battery Charger Stand)

While you charge your spare battery, your GALAXY S III can also sit snugly in the stand at any required viewing angle. This Battery Charger Stand has a similar style to the GALAXY S III’s metallic surface. It is also a foldable structure, making it more portable.

Wireless Charging kit

The Wireless Charging Kit is a technology-leading accessory item enabling users to charge their phone without having to connect any wires. It enables charging of the GALAXY S III using resonant wireless charging technology. It includes the Wireless charging cover, Wireless charging pad and TA. To charge the battery, the user just needs to replace the wireless charging cover and place the phone on the pad.