Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 Review- Best PMP???

20120623_133921 The Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2, is a 4.2-inch display PMP that features Android’s GingerBread OS, and a blazing fast 1GHZ processor with 8 GB of storage(expandable via microSD); bringing you great performance and speed for multimedia and browsing Adobe Flash Player compatible websites. Fully integrated with services such as Google Maps and YouTube, you can search, view and easily download any of the over 450,000 apps available in Google Play. You have got a 2 megapixel camera and a VGA camera for video chat.

So what makes this Galaxy Player different from its sibling?

The Galaxy Player 4.2 does well a great job with its native music player app, allowing you to direct the course of your music play with ease and also give you to access to music controls even when the player screen is locked via a drop down menu. The Native video player is decent and allows you to play Divx HD and Xvid video files and a number of other codecs. The two stereo speakers for the Galaxy player 4.2 give decent sound.

The galaxy Player 4.2 does a good job all around at what its supposed to be, that is a PMP. You get good audio quality of your headphone , can watch your movies and and got full access to Android app store.  Its got some preinstalled EA games  plus you do have full GPS functionality with the use of other navigation apps, from the Playstore . On the down side the 2 megapixel camera is ok at best and the front facing camera isn’t the best for video chat. Still I would recommend the Galaxy Player 4.2 as the best stand alone portable media player on the market.