Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 Review- Budget PMP

20120417_164547[ad#ad-1]A new year sees the introduction of a new Galaxy Player, which has become the only competitor to the iPod in the portable media sector. Samsung differentiates its media players in terms of screen size. The Galaxy Player 3.6 is a 3.6-inch HVGA display PMP powered by Android 2.3.6 “Gingerbread” and Samsung’s TouchWIZ enhancements. The Galaxy Players have advanced web browsing, camera, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi N and GPS capabilities of a smartphone, with an impressive range of video and audio codec support. Plus, the Galaxy Player features a microSD card slot so you can expand the memory and swap your collections quickly. The Galaxy Player supports a variety of digital codecs, including:

  • Music: FLAC, Ogg, and Windows Media WMA files, in addition to popular standards MP3 AAC
  • Video: AVI, MP4, Windows Media WMV, Matroska MKV, and Adobe Flash

The Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 is an interesting device because its specs are a bit of a mismatch. On one hand, it has a 1Ghz processor and it runs Android 2.3.6 with Touchwiz.  At the other end of the spectrum, it has a less than stellar HVGA display and a less than adequate 2-megapixel camera. That being said, when it comes to handling the task at hand, the Galaxy Player 3.6 does the job well. Listening to music is a very simple process and Samsung’s music player app does the job very well. Users can easily navigate their music preferences . Movie playback worked well with simple and easy controls.  However, the low resolution display was a setback to the viewing experience.

You have full access to the app store and there are no limits on what apps you can download and run. It’s a nice small multimedia player that has the full power of Android, a solid processor, good memory space, and expandability. The knocks on the Player 3.6 is its display, which is manageable at best, and the lack of a decent camera. Put this device at a sub $100 range and it’s a good buy at that price. Though the Galaxy Player 3.6 is priced a bit pricey for my taste at $129, it’s still a good product and one I would recommend, though at a sub $100 price.


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