Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Review: Worth it!!!

note 5-1

I have spent slightly over a week playing around with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and it’s obvious that Samsung pulled out all the stops to hold its top spot, as the king of Phablets. The redesigned body takes a page from its galaxy S cousins incorporating the flat screen and almost bezel free design of the Samsung Galaxy S6 with the curves of the S6 edge. With the slight curves on the rear edges of the device, users will be pleasantly surprised at how comfortable the device feels in hand.

While the screen boasts an almost non-existent improvement of 3ppi over its predecessor, the 5.7 inch display on the Note 5, still manages to look better than that on the Note 4.

The most impressive aspect of the device so far has been the upgraded RAM which, at 4GB, has provided the best multi-tasking experience I have had on an Android Device. The ability to jump from app to app, especially resource intensive gaming apps, are handled well by the Note 5

While it’s still early to make a definite judgement on the implications of the reduced battery capacity, my experience has been surprisingly positive so far. I have been to achieve a full day of use on a single charge with medium to heavy use. This might be due to the efficiency of the 14nm SoC or the efficiency of the new Touchwiz UI. The experience is better than that of the Galaxy Note 4 with its larges 3,220 mAh battery.

The camera is an aspect that Samsung has been constantly improving with each device and iteration. The Camera is definitely a clear upgrade from the Galaxy Note 4 and even has improvements over this years Galaxy S6. With the addition of VDIS+OIS, images are sharper, clearer, video also benefits from camera improvements. For less shaky video and crisp imagery

Overall this brief few days with the device has been well worth the wait over the last year. While it isn’t the largest jump in functionality, it does bring some beautiful incremental changes that add up to a very beautiful experience.