Samsung Galaxy Note 4: S View Wireless & Protective Case Review


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a host of accessories which we haven’t fully covered

S View Wireless charging Case

  • Allows you to charge your device wirelessly
  • Powers up your screen when opened, and puts it to sleep when closed
  • Ability to see key information like date, time, and new messages without flipping open the cover
  • Charge your device using the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad
  • Qi certified wireless charger base compatibility

Samsung Protective Case

  • The Galaxy Note 4 Protective Cover was engineered specifically for your Galaxy device by the handset manufacturer to keep your phone sleek and compact not bulky while not compromising protective features of the case.
  • The rubber bezel absorbs any impact the corners of the phone may endure while the rest of the case provides protection against other direct damage to the sides or back of the device.
  • The Samsung cover provides a buffer between the screen and surfaces to prevent scratches when the smartphone is placed face down.