Samsung Evolution Kit Review: Simple, Cost effective HDTV upgrade

Samsung Evolution kit-25 Buying a new HDTV every year will make the average consumer bankrupt. But every year Samsung and many other TV manufacturer release new models with better processors and New features. Which means to get the best and newest, you would have to cough up pretty much the same amount you spent the year before on a brand new HDTV– which is pretty much an average of $2500 for a top of line HDTV.

Samsung though of this and saw a new market in the already saturated HDTV market with the introduction of the Samsung Evolution. This little attachment which works on a select few models of Samsung’s HDTV– seriously Samsung make this standard on all you models. It only retails for $299 ( lower at Amazon), which is already a farcry from paying close to $3000 for upgrading your TV. The evolution kit is small compact an d easy to install, at the back of your TV model( where it say Evolution kit fits here). What this does is boast your HDTV’s performances from its slow dual-core processor, to a 1.3Ghz Quad-core processor, 1.5GB of ram, 4GB storage. You also get a fully upgrade to you SmartHub to the 2013 upgrade.evo-kit Effectively changing your HDTV from last years model to 2013’s —which is great!!! You get a brand new HDTV for just $300. I really like the Samsung Evolition kit and I like that Samsung is looking at aggressive way to expand the already mature HDTV market. though it poses a question of how well Samsung can differentiate their new models from older models with Evolution Kits. That been said. The Evolution Kit is a Definite buy: its priced right and works as stated– helping you get a brand new HDTV for a fraction of the cost.

List of compatible 2012 Samsung HDTV Models

  • PN51E7000FFXZA*
  • PN51E8000GFXZA
  • PN60E7000FFXZA*
  • PN60E8000GFXZA
  • PN64E7000FFXZA*
  • PN64E8000GFXZA
  • UN46ES7500FXZA
  • UN46ES8000FXZA
  • UN55ES7500FXZA
  • UN55ES7550FXZA
  • UN55ES8000FXZA
  • UN60ES7500FXZA
  • UN60ES8000FXZA
  • UN65ES8000FXZA
  • UN75ES9000FXZA