Samsung Chef Collection Appliances

SAMSUNG CSC With Samsung having their hands in multiple segments of the market, home appliances seems to be there next major initiative and push to become well known. Touchscreens and processors are making their way to refrigerators, washers and drivers, as well as stove’s and vacuum’s with the next wave of smart and connected appliances from Samsung. During their Chef Collections event in New York City last week Samsung revealed an absurd amount of future technologies making their way to a home near you come the holiday season. Microwaves that allow the installing of cooking methods to get maximum potency out of the dish you are warming up, to preset stove tops to get the best out of fresh meals. The Jetson’s future is materializing quickly with some of these new features Samsung was toting. In order to prove the quality and practicality of some of the new kitchen ware, Samsung had professional and critically acclaimed chefs from around the world cook A-class meals for the media at hand. In our video segment of the event, you’ll see the wide arrange of dishes possible with Samsung hardware.

One of the features that stood out to me had to be Samsung’s top of line smart refrigerator. It included modes such as “Chef Mode” that control the fluctuation of temperature inside to better prepare future ingredients used for dishes later on. All this can be controlled via the touchscreen on the fridge, as well as a future app that will be available later on down the road. Fronted loaded washers also included some game changing features in aesthetic design and incorporated tools. Having a chrome finish on the exterior of the design made for pleasing viewing angles while idle, as well as a feature called “Super Speed Mode” that allows for clothes to be washed and dried under the average allocated time for top of the line washers. The self-cleaning mode however may be the coolest feature in my use as the name is self-explanatory.

All in all, Samsung is yet again making a slew of products to compete with this segment of the market, and with the showing they provided seem to know what direction the future is heading for the home conscious consumers of the world.