Roxio Game Capture Review- Simple & Effective

IMAG0113[ad#ad-1]The Roxio Game Cap is truly one of the easiest device I have had to set up for review or use; check out our unboxing video. Simple, self-explanatory and a breeze. Roxio Game Capture enables the real-time capture of game play videos from Xbox® 360 and PS3® consoles. Users may play games in full HD on the TV, while recording the content to the PC. The quick-to-set up USB hardware capture device includes component video and stereo audio inputs, and ships with a component, RCA audio, and USB cables. Users can record game play in 480p and output to AVI, WMV, DivX, and MP4. Still image screen shots can be saved as JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP or GIF file types. That been said how does it perform, how easy is it to use and is it worth the purchase.

So what don’t I like about the Roxio Game Cap? One thing, it doesn’t record in 720p. Granted once your console is connected to the Roxio Game cap your HD  gaming is not affected with your Xbox 360 & PS3. I would have loved to be given the ability to capture my game play in HD. Hopefully that is something Roxio is working on

So what did I like about the Roxio Game Cap? As I mentioned in my firs t sentence the Roxio Game cap is super easy to set-up with the ports clearly labeled and you really can’t make a mistake hook it up to you r gaming console and HDTV. The software provide by Roxio is very simplistic and works well. Again I really can’t stress the simplicity with the software, which allows you to capture and edited your captured video within the same software frame-work. The editing section of the software, allows for varying effects, transitions and edits. Giving the user the ability to spice up their videos in whatever manner they choice.

is it worth it? Yes!!!, besides the fact it doesn’t record in 720p. The game cap from Roxio does a very good job. It’s easy to setup and use. The device does its job well and the price point at $99 is a competitive bargain against its competition. I would recommend the Roxio game cap and I do use it too.


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