Roxio Game Capture HD Pro- Installation, Setup & Review

The Game Capture HD Pro is an update from Roxio’s earlier Game Capture device, the HD Pro  boast HDMI inputs and outputs as well as component cables ports. As a gamer the HD world, this is very essential in ensuring you get the best quality in your game capture .For gaming enthusiasts, Roxio Game Capture HD PRO is the perfect all-in-one solution and is the first capture device to offer live streaming! Plus Roxio can capture PC gameplay using graphics cards with HDMI output to the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO capture device. One new feature I like with the new Roxio Game Capture HD Pro is the ability to capture PC gameplay using HDMI from selected graphics cards to Roxio Game Capture HD PRO capture device. This will greatly spare you PC resources for the best capture experience.  The Roxio Game Capture HD Pro encodes in H.264, enabling it to record in 720p and 1080 60i/30p, it also includes a full featured video editor that I think is probably the best currently for a Game Capture Device.

Another new feature is Roxio’s Live stream to Twitch to live stream console gameplay directly to their Twitch channel. Streamers can add voice over in real time to live stream their gameplay and communicate with their viewers. Roxio has done a great job in improving the Game Capture with its HDMI addition, solid editing software and still hitting a user friendly Price point @ $149.99. Which is lower than the competition but still providing matching or better quality. The big question remains. Would I recommend the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro? Emphatically yes!!! You can get yours from Roxio here


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