Rosie calls Elizabeth a Liar…..

 Man this is getting worse by the min, so Elizabeth is now a liar, so say Rosie.. Well perezhiltion has more

Elizabitch Hasselbeck touched lightly on the subject of her feud with Rosie on Tuesday’s episode of The View, the first live show since the announcement of O’Donnell’s departure.

Elizabitch said that she and Ro had been in a lot of communication. That they had “been emailing each other all weekend.”

Hasselbeck also talked about the “power of forgiveness” and she was under the impression that she and O’Donnell were heading towards that direction.


Though she had promised that she wouldn’t be talking any more about The View on her blog, Rosie is doing just that.

And she’s calling out Elizabitch as a lying skank!

On Tuesday, O’Donnell said some enlightening things in her Ask Ro section.

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3 responses to “Rosie calls Elizabeth a Liar…..”

  1. Rosie:
    I just watched the last episode of the view was curious to see what Barbara had to say about your departure. glad she supported you. Elizabeth can go to *^!!

  2. vickie Avatar

    I enjoyed watching rosie on the view. she will be missed in my home.

  3. vickie Avatar

    I enjoyed Rosie on the view. She will be missed in my home .

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