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Romour mill- Britney Idol Judge?

britneyAccording to Mike Walker’s column in the National Enquirer, American Idol plans to get rid of non-essential judges Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul next season. The show is still doing well, but since ratings are down producers want to make some changes. They’re even said to be considering Britney Spears for a permanent judge position!

“Here’s hush-hush from the Top Dawgs at “American Idol” – a major house-cleaning triggered by sinking ratings means Randy Jackson’s out as a judge next season, Dawg… and so is ding-dong wack-a-doodle Paula Abdul! “Ratings this year were the lowest in two years – one week, even ‘House’ beat it,” said a show insider. “The belief is that things have gotten stale, and ‘American Idol’ is now ‘American Idle.’ They really want to mix things up, create a whole new set, institute format changes – and get rid of Paula and Randy, replacing them with younger faces.” Warning: Put on your dark glasses before reading this blinding lash, Idol fans – at the top of Fox’s wish list is… Britney Spears![From The National Enquirer print edition, Mike Walker’s column, June 11, 2007]

Both Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson have three year contracts that they signed in 2006, meaning they both have two more years left. If this is true Idol will probably have to give them both substantial payouts if they want to replace them.

It sounds a little like fake news to me, though, especially since Britney Spears is being dragged into it. We’ll have to see what happens. She would make for an interesting judge, that’s for sure.


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