Rise Up House of Marley Headphone Review- Excellent Sound & Price

House of Marley Rise Up-2 Rise Up over-the-ear Headphones are another quality set of headphones from the House of Marley. These over-the-ear headphones are powered by High-definition 50mm moving-coil drivers in tuned enclosures  that deliver some very balance bass filled sound. Besides the awesome sound you get while using these headphones; sticking to the House of Marley tradition, the Rise Up are crafted from durable canvas, bamboo fiber, recyclable aluminum and minimal recycled plastic, durable canvas fabric and designed to keep material out of the waste stream. You’ve also got Bamboo-fiber ear cushions offer soft, cool comfort while delivering sound isolation for full immersion into your music. Saddle color has soft leather cushions. retailing at $149 and available in 5 different color material types, the Rise Up really provide a comfortable listening experience.

Now when it  comes to sound quality, the Rise Up build on the success of what the company had done with the Revolution on-ear headphones. Delivery crisp clean sound, with a nice bass balance that really puts a lot of other more expensive headphones to shame. At the Price point of the Rise Up you really can’t go wrong. and dare I say it is worth more than the price. I can safely tell you that these are headphones that are a definite buy and have a place on the Wall of Headphones.