Review: Lenovo IdeaTab A1000

Lenovo IdeaTab A1000-8 This tablet offers the best of both worlds, giving the functionality of Andriod 4.2 Jelly Bean coupled with affordability. This is a 7″ tablet that boasts a dual core processor and 1 GB of LP-DDR2 ram. Internals storage is 16GB, with expandable storage up to 32GB with a microSD slot.

The IdeaTab features standard WiFi and BlueTooth connectivity, but unlike many other tablets, it also has GPS capabilities.

The battery is a 3500mAh Li-polymer which will give you at least two weeks of stand-by functionality or somewhere between 6 to 8 hours of active runtime with the WiFi connected.

What makes this device unique are two dolby speakers, one on either end that give you stereo sound. Not the most incredible sound, as at the end of the day it is still a tablet, but if you’re looking for the best sound, you’re not going to reach for a mobile device anyway. The speakers really shine while play games or watching movies on the device.

Best advantage this device has is price. You can get yourself one for around $150.

Where the device lacks in price reflects in it’s camera. It has only a front facing 0.3MP camera, which really takes a fairly terrible picture.

All things considered though, this device is fantastic, and at a more than attractive price is well worth the money!

UPDATE! 7/31/2013 8:48 PM

After further playing with this device, I realized that after the stock apps are all updated, there is VERY little internal memory space, which causes any apps that sync to stop syncing. (i.e. Contacts, Calendar, etc…) There is extended storage, but there are many applications that are not able to move to it.

This is a huge problem, and Lenovo is aware of it. Although they don’t have a schedule yet, they are working on producing a downloadable update to re-partition storage to use more of the extended for the internal.

UPDATE!! 8/5/2013 11.32 AM

We received word from Lenovo that there isan OTA update available that will change internal storage from 512M to 1.5GB. This should improve storage options.