Reinventing My Home office


My field of work can be considered unconventional, I have never used a traditional office setting, or seen the inside of a cubicle. But my IT needs are just the same or sometimes more demanding from my home office.  Working from home provides its on share of challenges when it come to IT integration. So how did I reinvent my office to suit my needs?

Having a home office in NYC has it challenges, from space concerns, high-speed connectivity issue, office setup up within my home & down to what printer I need to get. Yes all these thing come into play. You will have to take into account, that I recently moved to New York City & had a more relatively more space to work with than what I am currently using. Now the next question is how does setting up a home office lean heavily on IT & why would I need to reinvent my home office? The short & simple answer is everything.  But let me start by explaining what I do and how this of huge importance. I am a blogger, YouTuber, Influencer & Reviewer of technology. I run my own, blog, host my own servers, have a small team I work with and in essence have to be connected.  So my work space has to be fluid &  sometimes intertwines with my personal life. I see all sort of gadgets and new pieces of technology that has to quickly & seamlessly connect to my home network while interfacing with everything I use for both work & personal use. In essence it sometime looks like a made house, with my office desk at one end of the room, my printer at the other & the TV smack in the middle. All that means is that my office space is a metamorphosis of what I am currently working on, thus wireless connectivity is paramount. So it does make sense to my printer next to my TV.

You would be surprised to know how important the printer has become to my digital work experience. But there are countless occasions involving  print out  review related material, signing documents, scanning documents, retrieving  shipping labels and much more. So having the right printer is essential to my work flow.  Giving me the ability to access my printer from anywhere in my home and away from it, while also affording me a host of features that makes sense to my work place.

 I have been using the HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M277DW, it’s a printer, scanner & copier. Its got build in NFC so I can tap and print off my smartphone, can also do that off Bluetooth. It’s also wireless, which means, I can be anywhere within my home and have access to the printer from my PC, laptop or my smartphone. Plus it gives me access to print, and share resources with Ethernet and wireless networking  & has some security safeguards built-in. Ensure that my activity & use of the printer on my home network is safe & sound.

I won’t say I reinvented the wheel here, but I did reinvent my work space, but I was able to come up with the right balance that takes everything into account, from IT needs, printing, accessibility & more.

“This post is in collaboration with HP”