Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2014 Review

Razer Blackwidow 2014-3 The Razer Blackwidow has been a staple for any sensible PC gamer, and the Black Widow Ultimate (2014) takes things to another level. With the all-new Razer Mechanical Switches actuate at an optimal distance. The all-new Razer Mechanical Switches have an optimized set of actuation points that improve your gaming performance by giving you speed and responsiveness like never before. Requiring a force of only 50g to actuate, these new switches reset at almost half the distance of traditional mechanical switches, so you can double-tap effortlessly with blazing speed. While conventional mechanical switches are great for typing, the Razer Mechanical Switches are engineered to enhance both your gaming and typing experience

Using the Blackwidow ultimate, feels familiar but more comfortable dare I say. I noticed fewer instances of missing keys while typing, and gaming reaction time was much improved with the new cherry keys. Granted its in milliseconds of improvement. But my TitanFall PC gaming sessions have vastly improved with the BlackWidow ultimate.  One down side, to some is the noise of the mechanical keys. Which might be foreign to some but a standard affair if you are used to it. I put it simply this way if you are a PC gamer and looking to give yourself a fair footing in your online gaming session, then definitely pick this up, if you want a better typing experience on  a keyboard then this is also for you. Priced at $139.99, you can’t go wrong with the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard.


Key Features

  • Green Switches
  • Faster Response time
  • Longer Keystroke Lifespan (60 million)
  • Individual Backlit keys
  • resets at half the distance
  • USB port
  • Individual Headset & mic Ports
  • (Can be loud)