Qualcomm Life – The Value of the 2net Platform

mqdefault Healthcare is one avenue that could use a boost from technology as a whole and now with every technology giant trying to jump in, and deliver the best platform for health services. The landscape can be a bit confusing especially for consumers who might have to keep switching with each new gadget they get. Qualcomm enters into the fray with an open Platform called 2net that aims to do things different like and most importantly allow you to keep using the devices you want and own.

With Qualcomm Life’s innovative solutions, doctors can safely and accurately monitor the health of chronic disease patients and seniors without the need of frequent visits to the hospital.
What is 2net?
A could-based device agnostic system, 2net enables end-to-end connectivity with an expansive variety of medical devices and applications.  It allows biometric sensor data to be reliably captured and seamlessly transmitted to the cloud for integration with virtually any system, application, or portal.  
  • The 2net Platform is designed for maximum security and offers a menu of plug-and-play wireless health solutions that are FDA-approved
  • Healthcare organizations can quickly obtain vital healthcare diagnostics in order to better care for their at-home patients

What is the Healthy Circles Platform?
Healthy Circles provides secure communications and record sharing for care team coordination, post-discharge transitional care, and complex care management.  It is designed to optimize accountable models of care with exception-based management tools – expanding remote care capacity, delivering targeted interventions, and effectively managing at-risk patient populations.