QNX Connected Automotive Platform

The QNX CAR application platform is a unique set of pre-integrated and optimized technologies from QNX and dozens of ecosystem partners. Its reference implementations and reskinable HMI allow development teams to rapidly create world-class infotainment systems. QNX CAR includes a wide array of QNX technologies: the QNX®Neutrino® RTOS (shipped in the majority of 2011 infotainment systems), a powerful multimedia framework, a superior hands-free solution with HD stereo, HTML5-based HMI technology, and a direct development path from mobile to automotive.

The QNX CAR HTML5-based HMI framework allows the OEM to leverage apps from the consumer electronics space. HTML5 is the only cross-mobile development tool that works with Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows 7, and now the car. To that, we add automotive hardening required for production-crash resiliancy, embedded optimization, and fast booting.

The QNX CAR application platform offers automakers the ability to:

Develop applications using web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript)
Mix and match a variety of Human-Machine Interface (HMI) technologies to deliver a compelling user experience (e.g., HTML5, OpenGL ES, Qt)
Securely deploy applications to the vehicle
Connect with consumer devices to make use of brought-in media and mobile applications
Meet a number of stringent automotive requirements, such as fast system initialization and boot
Leverage the mobile community, developers and applications