Qmadix Xpression cover & Metallix Snap On Kickstand Galaxy S3 Case Reviews

FGSS3ORWH-X_l I have reviewed a lot of cases for Samsung’s Galaxy S line of smartphones. And I mean a lot, somewhere upwards of 30, the majority of which are for the Galaxy S3. Many companies continue to innovate with cases brining out fresh looking designs, whilst others bundle as many features as possible into one case. Otterbox for example have made a name for themselves by providing protection that is excessive for many, but mandatory for those who work in industries such as construction or enjoy an athletic rugged lifestyle. The very best cases manage to combine both functionality and style, and I have finally found two cases that combine both these key attributes. The two cases are the Xpression Cover by Qmadix and the Metallix Snap On Kickstand case, also by Qmadix, and both for the Galaxy S3.
The Xpression cover provides protection that is amble for my lifestyle, and will be for 95% of Galaxy S3 owners. It rocks a hybrid design that incorporates a hard plastic outer-shell fused to a softer silicone inner-shell. This provides great drop and scratch protection whilst the smooth shell makes it easy to put the phone in and out of your pocket. On top of this functionality the two materials are different colours which looks, quite frankly, epic. If you have ever seen the Spec CandyShell for the iPhone then you know how cool this two tone design can look. Small silicone ribs curve around the side of the device which give it added grip in the hand, and even more shock protection, whilst highlighting the curves of the device and generally looking awesome. They come in some pretty (if I may hark back to before I was born) ‘rad’ colour combinations so go check ’em out on the Qmadix website!

SOSS3RD-M_kickstand-side_lThe second case is there kickstand case. This one looks equally cool, albeit in a more industrial way. The back is contoured and molded in a way that elucidates the contours of the device whilst providing some edgy (literally) visual noise. This is then augmented by the metallic back panel that catches light as well as feeling cool and smooth in your hand. Again this case goes in and out of the pocket perfectly and provides some awesome functionality by way of the best implementation of a kickstand I have seen on a phone case, heck better than any integrated kickstand on a device. The mechanism is strong and provides a reassuring click in and out of place. But more than this it provides a kickstand that has almost triple the surface contact of any other I have seen (aside from the odd tablet case). This gives it an unbeatable security when it comes to propping up your device, and makes portrait mode useable, as in you can actually type with it propped up in that orientation.

All in all these are some really awesome cases, and I hope they release some more for the Galaxy S3 and subsequent Galaxy phones. Check out my video review for a more detailed look at the cases.