QLOCKTWO W Review- Simple & Stylish Watch

QLOCKTWO W-6 A few months back we took a lock at Bierget & Funks’s QLOCKTWO desktop clock, A classic piece of art the defines and shows what art and science can bring in simplicity  The QLOCKTWO W is no exception, carrying the same unique principle of the time display with words brings to your wrist. At first glance nothing more than a matrix of seemingly randomly placed letters are visible. Gentle touch of a button appears only on the time. “It is half past four.” The time is presented in five-minute increments, four small dots provide the exact minute display. Just as with its award-winning models, the legendary and QLOCKTWO QLOCKTWO CLASSIC TOUCH. The basic shape of the QLOCKTWO  W  is, like all QLOCKTWO variations, a square. The design is minimalist and precision crafted, its form reduced to the essentials. The high quality brushed stainless steel casing measures 35 x 35 mm. The watch comes with either a  leather strap; the finish of  the watch is simple yet solid and classy. Together with the time, QLOCKTWO  W  also displays the calendar day or seconds. “It is operated by a single push button and could not be more simple: one push to display the time, two for the calendar day and three for the seconds,” says designer Marco Biegert.

The high-quality brushed stainless steel case measures 35 x 35 mm. The clock is available with a 24 mm leather strap. QLOCKTWO W shows only the time on the calendar, or even the second. QLOCKTWO W is in the versions polished, brushed stainless steel and black both available in the languages ​​German, English and French. YOu simply can’t look at the QLOCKTWO W as just another writsh watch or a piece of tech, rather it is a well crafted piece of art that combined the simplisty of a classic wrist watch and the innnovation of technology.  Price starts at $770 available through Lithology


  • Stainless steel case
  • Size: 35 x 35 mm
  • The clock is equipped with a 24 mm leather strap
  • water resistant to 5 ATM
  • Handmade in Germany
    Biegert & Funk