Pure Gear iPhone 4 case review



What Pure gear has  done here,  is deliver a very slim iPhone 4 holster that gives you sufficient protection wrapped in a faux leather, carbon fiber feel.  You don’t feel too much of a bulge when it’s strapped on because the case has been built to be slim as it is also lacking a closure to secure the phone. This holster also includes a built-in pocket for storing business cards and comes with a fixed belt clip.


The iPhone 4 design, while slick on all corners, can sometimes be difficult to use with this case. I often found my fingers slipping while trying to pull the iPhone 4 out which resulted in missed calls; during my initial use. I don’t see that as much of an issue once the case has been broken in over time, this is most likely de to its leather case design that opens up after continued use.

All in all, the case with it’s open top allows the iPhone 4 to be easily slipped in no trouble at all. Not a bad option if you ask me, but i’d suggest spending a little time with this case to allow it open up for easier use.

If interested in the Pure Gear iPhone 4 Case, it can be purchased directly here via wirelessground





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  2. I enjoy a good iphone case. This one is nice, although I don’t much like cases that require you to take the phone in and out for us. Too much potential for droppage.

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