PS Vita- LiveTweet & Facebook Apps Review

ps vita

The PS Vita is a the next gen Handheld gaming device from Sony in the PlayStation Portable line. The PS Vita introduces a multitude of aspects other than gaming to the handheld space. With the inclusion of Apps, the PS Vita extends the gaming aspects of the device. In this review we look at LiveTweet a Twitter client for the PS Vita and Facebook App; which can both be downloaded off the PlayStation Store. Both Apps are easy to use and and give you full functionality of both twitter and Facebook, only downside is the lack on Notification on the home screen and no access to personal Facebook Fanpages.

LiveTweet–  Post Tweets, check feed, check DM, mentions, Search people and trends, compose list and access to settings

Facebook App– Check feed, Facebook Chat, check Notification, Photos, Friends.

Overall both apps are more than adequate for the PS Vita and do a good job translating the functionality of Twitter and Facebook to the device in an easy smooth manner.