Powerbag Deluxe Backpack By Ful Review


[ad#ad-1]I could not have received my Black Powerbag Deluxe at a more opportune time.  It was the start of kickoff for CES, and things were closing up for the night when I received this wonderful gift.  Having just gotten off a long flight, being jetlagged from a long trip west I broke off from the group to call it a night early and rest up for what was assured to be a busy week – and in the mean time, get my Powerbag set up for the following day – which ended up being a much needed Powerbag. The first thing I noticed was the ease of the power chord.  From its small tuck away beside the battery, it is easily confined, and hidden from view when not in use, and when needed, is as accessible as one might hope – a person can get it plugged in and charging in about 15 seconds.  I then started to pack the bag – and Panic set it.  How would it all fit?  A laptop, 3 cameras, pencils, pens, monopod… it seemed too daunting a task to possibly work.  However, within 10 Min I had everything packed away with room to spare – the notebooks, pens and a few business cards fit easily up in the space above the battery/charger; all cameras, monopod, a large box of cards, and all associated cables, chargers and such fit into the largest opening of the bag with room to spare.

The most valuable parts were the small pockets we used on the sides to charge our iPods, phones, WIFI port, and Camera.   Never throughout the time we had the bag with us did we suffer through a dead camera or Cell, and with them being in the small side pockets, they were of quick access to us; with the need to film and catch pictures of video at a moments notice,  this was of extreme value.  The pockets that do not have power (the side pocket on its own, and the small front pocket) were perfect for holding small items that we might need frequently, like a tin of mints, aspirin, and 5 hour energy drinks. With 3 of our group of 5 utilizing FUL bags of one type or another, it was of a need to have the backpack for 3 of us to share; at one point or another throughout the week each and every one of us used this bag to keep our electronic equipment alive while away from our rooms for long periods.  The spaciousness and padded back gave me comfort even while carrying heavy amounts, and the long last battery offered us quick charges for our small sized electronic devices.  Plus, with a price point around $170, it is in line with some of the top bags around.