Portable Mind Reader.

What will the think of next. Seriously Japanese tech companies are just great at coming up with stuff you though you never needed. Saw this story on pinktentacle, just had to let you guys know about it.

Hitachi has successfully trial manufactured a lightweight, portable brain scanner that enables users to keep tabs on their mental activity during the course of their daily lives. The system, which consists of a 400 gram (14 oz) headset and a 630 gram (1 lb 6 oz) controller worn on the waist, is the result of Hitachi’s efforts to transform the brain scanner into a familiar everyday item that anyone can use.

The rechargeable battery-operated mind reader relies on Hitachi’s so-called “optical topography” technology, which interprets mental activity based on subtle changes in the brain’s blood flow.

Now I can get better dates, and win the next poker game with the fellas, other than looking extra dorky.
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