Polk Swimmer Jr Review



Honestly at first I did not expect much from this little speaker. But when I played some music, this little thing can pack a punch. I couldn’t believe how much base is produced. When I held it in my hands the entire speaker is shaking. I can see it shaking when I left it on a flat surface. The audio sounds great at medium levels but the mids becomes a bit muffled as I max the volume.

I am currently using my UE Boom Mini as my primary speaker and this Polk Swimmer Jr.’s base surpasses it by a long shot. It’s way portable and lighter so I would grab this one over the UE Boom Mini. It’s also very durable so I’m not afraid to drop it or let it get wet.


Since this thing shakes like no tomorrow, it’s hard to leave it on a flat table and let it do it’s thing (if left face down then the music will be muffled). Because of the loop or adjustable hook attached, this speaker is meant to be hooked onto something. The best place I like to hook this speaker on is above my shower head. This Bluetooth speaker is water proof so it made sense to put it there. Turn on my phone, connect and play from there. I no longer have to play my music from the speaker of my phone or bring a waterproof case. I also dropped it on sand and washed it in the sink with no problem. 

It has a matte rubber and plastic texture and the hook is easily adjustable. It feels great and not cheaply made. The buttons are very responsive and the charging port is sealed. 

Because of it’s shape and shakiness, it’s hard to leave it alone in the middle of the room on the living room table. So if you’re looking for a speaker for that then look somewhere else. It’s not a bad thing since I don’t think it’s meant to be left on the table. Hook it on to anything you can think of and get creative with it.


– Compact

– Easy audio controls

– Base heavy for the base lovers

– Hooks on to anything

– Durable

– Great quality

– Up to 8 hours of music play time

– Built in mic for phone calls


– Shakes A LOT