Polk Striker Pro ZX Review: Premium Audio

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The Polk Striker Pro ZX was engineered with Gaming and audio in mind, bring a premium audio listening experience to console gaming.  Polk engineered the Striker Pro to offer audio balance and clarity not seen in other gaming headphones. This premium audiophile-grade gaming headset features Polk’s proprietary technologies like Dynamic Balance driver design and Polk Optimized Electronic-Acoustic Tuning (POET) to ensure a high-quality listening experience for games, movies and music. The Striker Pro is equipped with a flexible, detachable and omni-directional microphone with push button.  It comes with a headset adapter with built-in DSP, tuned specifically for this headset. Plus, the adapter gives you quick and easy access to control both your game and chat volume. Custom high-fidelity, dual-jack cables—including a PC connect cable—lower the noise floor, dramatically increasing microphone intelligibility and eliminating distracting crosstalk. And the included in-line remote with master volume and microphone attenuator switch (for PlayStation 4) 

  • Includes a custom Xbox One wireless headset adapter with built-in pro EQ gives you audiophile performance, quick easy access to control both your game and chat volume mix
  • Includes three detachable cables: Mobile connect cable in-line one button remote and microphone (1 meter), dual-jack console controller cable (1 meter) and dual-jack, extra-long PC connect cable (3 meters).
  • Flexible, removable, Omni-directional microphone with push button mute for crystal clear chat
  • A low profile, discrete, in-line microphone is included for chatting on the go

Fore more details on why we think it is premium audio on the Xbox One. Check out our full video review below