Polk Omni S2 Review: Solid in Home Wireless Speaker


There are many in-home wireless speakers out in the market and it can be hard to find one that fits you. well here is one I can safely recommend from Polk, the Omni S2. Which is part of Polk’s existing Omni Wireless Music System—a premium line of speakers, sound bars, an amplifier and pre-amp designed to stream your entire music library, music streaming services like Pandora and Spotify Connect, and Internet radio to any room from a smartphone, tablet or PC. Each Omni S2 is crafted to enhance one’s home décor, blending an ultra-compact form factor with an appealing design aesthetic. Whether in the kitchen, on bookshelves or an office, Omni S2 is ideal for both small and medium spaces and can be placed horizontally or stood up. It ships with black and white swappable grilles for ultimate design flexibility.

Video Review

Retailing at $179, it makes for a well priced audio speaker that produces stellar sound, that can fill a room yet provide the right amount of base that sets you moving. What I really Like about the speakers are how well it handles various forms of music and the ease over a wireless network. What I didn’t like was the app setup, it took some time to set up WiFi connectivity and isn’t a intuitive in that department. That been said it doesn’t hinder from the listing experience.  At its price point the Polk Omni S2 is a solid in-home wireless speaker system. I can safely say, Buy