Polaroid Z340 Digital Camera- Old school back

IMG_0421 Old school style meets digital with the Polaroid Z340. It is designed after older Polaroid model cameras, so it appears big and clunky, but the charm of the old look definitely wins folks over. I couldn’t wait to open it and test it out, and why not during the usual Boorefemme adventures. From the first night I took it out on the town, everyone asked about it. Friends who remember the old models instantly asked about it. I took it with me for a Martha’s Vineyard reunion weekend and everyone wanted one. My friend the event coordinator wanted me to start charging for printing pictures at the beach! At least 10 people asked me where they could get one, and didn’t know that Polaroid was still making cameras.

The actual size is the same as the older Polaroids, but is up to date with digital functions, so was very easy to use. The top side has buttons standard to most digital cameras: function, menu, navigation, mode, and zoom, but also a print button. There is a compartment door that opens in order to load the paper bundle. On the right side, you’ll find a door covering a charging port, memory card slot, and micro HDMI port. There is a faux leather handle/strap along the side, that can also be moved to the bottom of the camera, for carrying the camera easily.


The camera comes with a pack of 10 sheets of 3”x4”Zink paper. The Zink zero ink technology uses no ink cartridges, on paper that is smudge proof and water resistant. However, out of old-school habit, my friends waved the photo back and forth to dry, as if it were the old days.

In addition to standard edit options, there are also border options for fun photo projects, and even a “Polaroid” border, which makes the pictures look like the Polaroid originals. The 14mp camera takes excellent quality pictures and HD video, and stood the test of about 500 reunion photos.

If you haven’t guessed from my review, I love it! And it was a huge hit. There is a newer model coming soon, the Z2300, which of course I will love to try, but nothing beats the memories this model brings back. And no it isn’t a credit card machine (yes someone asked).